It’s time to step into the favor of God! The Lord wants to open doors for you, bless you, and protect you. God wants to support you and provide for you!


Perhaps your life doesn’t feel favored and blessed, right now. Let’s change that!


God’s promises for you are yes and amen. It’s time step into His favor!






"When God sends a word into the earth, He sends it through a prophet. Jolynne Whittaker brings a word that is accurate, shifts the atmosphere, and changes lives by the power of Jesus. I highly recommend this book. It’s a game changer!"

- Livi Anderson, Kingdom Builder & Social Media Strategist



"In a world filled with narratives of lack and hopelessness, JoLynne Whittaker gives fresh God-filled truth.  JoLynne challenges the mindsets that have conditioned many into thinking God’s best isn’t for them.  Stepping Into Favor is a true game changer.  If you are ready to live a life of freedom and prosperity, this book is a must have!"

- Richard L. Taylor, 3-time Best-Selling Author and Transformational Speaker





I can tell you what it is to step into God’s favor, and what it is to live without it, because I have lived both ways.  For years I relied on my own efforts to create wellness, safety and provision for my family.  I was battling a ‘poverty mindset’ as a result of being raised in a poor, single parent household.  I had no idea my Heavenly Father desired to provide for me!  I had no idea how powerful and reliable the favor of God is!


Stepping into God’s favor changed my life, and it’s going to change yours, too.


Maybe you feel God is far away.  Perhaps you feel like He doesn’t hear your prayers.  Let me show you how to close that gap — it’s time to connect to the Lord like never before, so you can receive from Him like never before!  It’s time to access God’s timeless blessings!


Satan wants to keep you from God’s favor, but the Lord wants you to have it.  Guess who’s going to win?!  I’m going to share personal stories and revelation from Scripture, because I want you step into the Lord’s bountiful favor, today!



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